Dog Behaviourist & Trainer

Marie Choo is The Dog Alchemist, a dog behaviourist and trainer who uses positive and motivational techniques to convert a dog’s undesired behaviour into desired behaviour. Once a Public Relations professional with her own company, she has decided to give up her full time job to pursue her passion in dog behaviour and training.

Marie is also the co-founder of D.O.G.S – Dogs Owners Guidance Support, a dog welfare organisation in Singapore that supports dog shelters with food supply, and also aids in rescuing and rehoming stray and abandoned dogs.

Through her volunteer work, she came to realise that she is blessed with a gift in helping dogs. Hence, she went on with academic pursuit and got certified as a dog behaviourist and trainer.

She was interested in dog training when she got Butter, a sable-coloured Shetland Sheepdog. Unable to find a dog trainer that can offer the type of training she was looking for, she started researching and trained Butter by herself.

When Ash, a bi-blue sheltie came into her household a year later, she continued to evolve her training style onto the next level, learning more about the dynamics of a multi-dog household.

Anyone who has met Butter and Ash would tell you that they are the most obedient, sweet-natured and easiest dogs to take care of. Marie believes that good canine citizens are cultivated and training plays an essential part in the development process.

In 2011, Marie decided to volunteer at a dog shelter to help the less fortunate dogs. She remembered the first time she stepped into a shelter and was overwhelmed to see so many abandoned and rescued dogs. These dogs are hidden from society, only to be cared for by selfless people who love and treat dogs as sentient beings.

Since then, she has rehabilitated many rescue dogs that were deemed aggressive at the shelters. She has worked with dogs that were so afraid of human contact that they were once impossible to be put on leash and go for walks.

“It truly humbles me to be able to gain the trust of these dogs, put them on leash and lead them out of their cages to walk for the first time in their lives. To me, this is one of the best feelings in the world. When I help a dog, I may not change the world. However, to that dog, I have changed its world. I will continue to advocate adoption and using positive motivation techniques to train dogs to become good canine citizens.”

Marie Choo

Training Philosophy

The Dog Alchemist’s logo incorporates Marie’s love for her two Shetland Sheepdogs – Butter and Ash. The crest holds firm her belief that dog training is an art of communication and a science of understanding canine behaviour and psychology. Using positive reinforcement of love, motivation and rewards, she guides the dog owner on how to modify a dog’s undesired behaviour into a desired one.

In June 2016, Marie has successfully completed the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA). It is a competency-based certification programme by Institute of Adult Learning (IAL) and it provides graduates with the essential skills to deliver training and assessments across different industries.

Types of Services

Toilet Training

The art and science

Basic Obedience

Learning the essential commands

Overcoming Fear

Desensitise and counter condition

Perfect Puppy

Prevent and alleviate puppyhood related problems

 Resource Guarding

Prevent and alleviate guarding and aggressive behaviour

Reactivity to Dogs

Socialising your dog and preventing aggression towards other dogs

Multi-Dog Household

How to maintain harmony

Getting A Dog

Guide in choosing the right breed and dog for your lifestyle

Adopting A Dog

Guide in selection and training of rescue dog

Corporate Training

Proper dog handling for those working with dogs (E.g. Staff at veterinary clinics, pet shops, grooming salons and domestic helpers)

Workshop and Seminar

Talks and hands-on demonstration for groups




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